Baan Mai Kradan Hostel Chiang Rai

Hostel in a modern loft-style wooden house. In the city of Chiang Rai, near the walking street and the trams to see the city
S T A Y  H E R E   &   E N J O Y

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บ้านไม้กระดาน ร้านมาลองเต๊อะ และขัวศิลปะ ร่วมส่งความสุขส่งท้ายปี 2021 ด้วยข้อเสนอสุดพิเศษ ตั้งแต่ 1/พ.ย./2564 – 31/ม.ค./2565 กับรหัส Gift Vouchers “MAB2021”

Baan Mai Kradan Hostel has passed the SHA (Safety & Health Administration) certification from the Ministry of Public Health.

'SUPERB' Customer Ratings 2021 by Hostelworld

Let's take a brake with a short clip 'Chiang Rai Creative Arts' from Pick A Craft Channel when they will take all of us to have one day trip together.


New Improvement & Activities

IMPLEMENTATION OF FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEM @BaanMaiKradan: During our Temp Break to prevent Covid-19 spreading, we still have kept improving our hostel to be ready to opening again when the time comes. One of our missions is to improve fire protection system in our place. 
The first part we present you is new FIRE EXTINGUISHERS installed for 4 zones & SMOKE DETECTORS that are installed in all guests rooms and main areas in Baan Mai Kradan. The fire extinguishers are installed in visible and accessible areas of our 2 buildings and can be fought against fire around 10-15 Sec.
EMERGENCY LIGHT & EXIT MAPS: We installed 3 emergency lamps in our main corridors to light out the way to the exit doors when main electrical system shutdowned. The Emergency Lamps will last in 3 hours that is enough in all emegency situations. Exit Maps are also posted clearly at the back of every door of our guest rooms to show the way from the rooms to exit the buildings..  
We have installed BELL SYSTEMS that will ring when anyone switch on to tell everyone in any emergency situations. All the bells are connected to main UPS that is able to supply power for 30 minutes to ensure that they will be working even though no electricity at that time. EXIT SIGNAGES are also installed in main zones of the 2 buildings. The signages are able to light at night that ease our guests to see the way out of the buildings.


Baan Mai Kradan 'Lifestyle' Hostel  is originally an old Thai house built in 1964
where we completly renovate the old wooden house in September 2017.
Today the lifestyle hostel provides its residents with premium co-living accommodation,
Right at the heart of the city, just a few minutes walk from Saturday Walking Street.
Stay on Your LifeStyle while a new JOURNEY is about to begin!
 View Baan Mai Kradan Hostel on Air on Channel 5 on 11 March 2018



Culture & Eco Travel
We exclusively give you unique experience in traveling. With Culture & Green Trips you will truely touch how the local living in Chiang Rai.
Home-made Breakfast
Fill in your fresh morning with our Homemade Breakfast available from 7:00-10:00.
Free Wifi
Stay connected your Social Lifestyle with our Free WiFi available in all areas.
Value for Money
Our service-minded staff provide premium hospitalities to give unique experiences for all backpackers, travelers.
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Gift for Give Celebration 2020

W o N D e R F u L T O N i g h T @BaanMaiKradan, on 29 December 2019 we had a wonderful night in New Year's Celebration at our hostel, as all kids from Keep Girls Safe perfectly performed music & shows that light up Y2020 for all guests & audiences before its coming.
There are the shows performing by the kids to tell the history of Chiang Rai, Hill Tribe Dancing as well as a variety of the musics & songs from by the kids both as solo singer and group.

We finished this wonderful night with "Gift for Give" Campaign that allowed all BMK guests and staff to give the gifts to all the kids who perfectly give us great shows to celebrate Y2020.

Thanks again & again.



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