Wanna go to Luang Pra Bang by SLOW BOAT / SLEEPER BUS


Wanna go to Luang Pra Bang by SLOW BOAT / SLEEPER BUS

Wanna go to Luang Pra Bang by SLOW BOAT (1,690 THB / Person) / SLEEPER BUS (1,650 THB / Person). Please contact our front staff for further information & trip booking. The prices include all transportation from the pick-up from our hostel to getting on the slow boat or sleeper bus.

Key Note
1) VISA, Hotel (for Slow Boat in Pak Beng), and Food are not included.
2) Money exchanges are available at the borders.

Travel Information
1. Traveling from Chiang Rai city going to Chiang Khong takes approximately 2 hours to complete the border pass documents at the Chiang Khong Immigration. In the case of having to make a VISA (for some countries), there is a fee for making the VISA documents at 40 USD, tourists can also use Thai baht (calculated according to the exchange rate on the day of travel). Traveling across from the Thai border to the Lao border at Huay Xai, there is a shuttle bus service. The fare is 25 THB (including in travel package).


2. After passing through the Laos passport control at Huay Xai, travelers can board our shuttle buses waiting in front of the building to travel to the pier. Before boarding the boat, you will have approximately 30 minutes to purchase food and drinks for lunch during the trip. The travel package includes a sandwich or Khao Ji, which is a long bread with baked chicken or tuna for breakfast while waiting to board the boat. The journey takes approximately 7 Hours. There are enough seats for all passengers (seat numbers not specified). On the way before reaching Pak Beng, the boat has 3-4 stops to pick up passengers. Along the way, both sides have beautiful scenery.


3. Traveling by slow boat is included a one-night stopover at Pak Beng, a small town next to the Mekong River surrounded by beautiful mountains and trees. At the local pier, there are hotels nearby. You can walk and find a place to stay overnight by yourself. Some hotels further away from the pier offer shuttle services for free. The driver stands holding a sign stating their hotels names and the room prices. Tip: Travelers can reserve accommodation in advance through a reservation system such as booking. The price for overnight accommodation ranges from 300-800 THB. Restaurants and street food for dinner can be found everywhere. The menu clearly shows food prices. They also accept Thai baht.


4. Boats from Pak Beng to Luang Prabang depart from the same pier at 8:00-8:30. Tourists should prepare lunch from their accommodation or restaurant in the village. The boats traveling to Luang Prabang are larger and more comfortable to sit on. On the boats, they also sell instant noodles, snacks, and drinks. The journey takes approximately 7-8 hours, including time to stop to pick up passengers at 3-4 places. The scenery along the way includes beautiful rocks. Travelers have an observation point when starting to approach Luang Prabang, which is the bridge over the river for the high-speed train!


5. At Luang Prabang Port, tourists can use the transportation service into the city. The service fee is 40,000 LAK. Travel time to the city is approximately 20-25 minutes. Inside Luang Prabang, a world heritage city, there are important activities such as Offer sticky rice to monks in the morning, including walking to see temples, morning / night markets, many local food and products.



6. For tourists who want to travel to other cities, such as Vientiane, there is currently a high-speed train available. Traveling from the city to the Luang Prabang train station can take a public bus for a flat fee of 150,000 LAK, which takes about 30-40 minutes. Train tickets can be purchased online or at station counters. The ticket price starts at approximately 350,000 LAK. The hi-speed train station is large and modern. On the train, the spacious seats recline comfortably. Food and drinks are available during the trip.


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